I see and hear so very much that I must let it out and spread it around. We are so intent on what we are doing that we miss so much. These eyes and ears are sharp and clear and pick up what would otherwise be lost to many. My perspective is quite different and my angles unique. Perhaps you would see something that would be of worth to your being. I am not of the culture that is predominant in this society and have,in fact, been opposed to it for many years. Television is the devil and Hollywood is it’s home. Advertising is toxic waste that needs to be contained. The cinema is refined waste matter for those who view themselves through a film,the thin layer of colors and patterns formed on the surface of water that is polluted. The darkened theater is a sensory-deprivation chamber where this diseased culture grows and spreads. This entire industry should be put away where it can’t influence children and turn them into imitations of the devil’s children.                                    I can’t mince words anymore. I can’t ignore the ugliness and sickness anymore.