What the bikers left!It’s time to put an end to this pathetic gathering! If honoring those who have fallen requires disrespecting everyone else and trashing the Mall, I say let the soldiers rest in peace and take your motorcycles elsewhere. But really,this is not about honor or remembrance; this is about Hogs. Big, loud, machines and all the trimmings. Examining the huge piles of refuse brought in,but not taken out,by this bunch,one finds nothing about fallen soldiers,or Viet Nam, or honor. Instead there are flyers for motorcycle rallys,advertisements for biker gear and parts and clothing; there are lots of booklets about finding God and eternal life. But there is nothing about the guys who “gave all.”  This event has become a biker rally in the guise of patriotism,a chance for some old dudes to be in a “parade” and fool themselves into thinking people respect them. It’s sad that some of them still believe that there are POW’s. Any American still in ‘Nam wants to be there. It’s time these guys found themselves something positive to ride about and time they found another venue. Racing up and down Constitution Avenue making a horrific noise while trashing the place honors no one!