It’s been a fitful week for Americans, what with the election and

the protests, and all the craziness arising from such. But, Lord today!

It only took them 6 days, but those champions of good government, the

United States Congress, have ridden in on their white horses and come to

the rescue of all Americans; they have saved the day! God is great!

Unsure of the direction that our country will go under the new Administration

they have taken time off from their busy schedules, gotten together, and passed

legislation that will extend the sanctions on Iran for 10 more years!

This will cause great suffering in Iran, those evil Persians responsible for all

our woes; unemployment, disease, hunger, crime, corruption, pollution

and every other problem facing this country!

It was the Persians, remember, who caused the Flint water crisis, and who

brought Hurricane Katrina to our shores; it was they

who caused the Financial crisis of 2008, the drought in the Southwest, the

murders in Chicago, mosquitos in Florida, forest fires in California, earthquakes in

Oklahoma; it was they, the Persians, who caused it all. It was they, the Persians, who

conspired to cause  the price of life-saving drugs to reach the intolerable levels they

have now reached, and they who brought about bullying on the internet, and fake news

and the break-up of Brad and Angelina, and Maria and Arnold.

It was the Persians who killed Prince, and Michael Jackson, and Leon Russell, and

John Belushi, and Joan Rivers. The list goes on and on, but there is hope now.

As of today,  because of the heroic efforts of our elected officials, we have a reason to

celebrate. With one piece of legislation, Congress has assured us that those responsible for

every thing wrong in our great country, namely the Persian people, will pay dearly, and

that America will continue being great, regardless of policy changes that may come about

with the new occupant of the White House. Happy days are here again!